David’s #1: The World Turned Upside Down by Melanie Phillips

In the name of “rationality” and “tolerance” the West is becoming increasingly irrational and intolerant. Melanie Phillips explores the scary reality that is the modern world and argues that we have lost the ability to think rationally as a culture. She argues that during the enlightenment, “reason” undercut religion. But Christianity and the Hebrew Bible formed the foundation for reason. They provide the only form of foundation that exists. With this foundation scientists were previously able to search for answers, because they were based in the belief that answers exist. Now no such ability exists and many scientists are content to make preposterous claims rather than explore any compatibility between science and faith.

The author focuses on a few specific topics. First she uncovers the lie that is global warming. The glaciers are not melting and evil carbon emissions are not even a fraction as harmful as advertised. Next she discusses how our involvement in the war in Iraq was completely justified, pointing out, amongst other things, that it is very likely that nuclear weapons, or at a minimum their production capability, did exist and that Iraq had more than enough time to move or dispose of them. Thirdly, and I would say the most dominant theme in the book is the West’s attack, misrepresentation, and demonization of Israel and the re-emergence of extreme anti-Semitic sentiments after a several decade reprieve following the Holocaust. Favor for the Jews has been replaced by irrational, misguided sympathy for Islamism.

Today’s world has been turned upside down so that ideology and the feel good culture have replaced rationality. A multitude of “truths” now exist and the concept of truth has been completely relativized. Any attempt to say otherwise is viewed as absurd and bigoted. These dogmas abound on both the “left” and the “right.” The only groups against whom bigotry is acceptable are those that attempt to insert fact and rationality, namely intelligent design scientists, conservative Christians and Israeli Jews. Phillips goes into great detail as to how Britain is at the forefront of this flipping of the world.

The book is very approachable, engaging and interesting. It is well researched and documented and reveals countless scary truths. I would highly recommend it.

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