Drew’s #29 — Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines

December 16, 2012 0

  When you have multiple sclerosis,  it’s recommended that you challenge your mind daily, reading demanding prose, doing crossword puzzles…  In general things that exercise your brain and stave off inflamation and significantly mitigate the symptoms of M.S.  So if you have M.S., this book will do NOTHING for you, […]

Drew’s #28 — Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines

December 16, 2012 0

  Imagine, if you will, that the world has fallen to devastating virus that kills and reanimates human beings as mindless, flesh-eating, un-dead corpses…  …again…  What’s that you say?  where’s the originality?  2 words:  superhero zombies!  Yep!  Suddenly, a handful of people around the globe find themselves endowed with super-human […]

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