Joe’s #2: I Hate You. Don’t Leave Me

February 24, 2010 0

This book was first recommended to me to by one of my professors in my Counseling program.  I find that while her and I agree on the bigger issues we often nuance it differently. This book is no different. I found it to be a quick read (less than two […]

Joe’s #1: Sold by Patricia McCormick

February 22, 2010 1

Twelve thousand Nepali girls are sold every year into the sex slave trade. Sometimes by families that think they are sending them to work as a maid for a wealthy family in the city. This fictional book about Lakshmi is meticulously researched and extremely well written. Short, poignant vignettes capture […]

Blogging 52 Books

January 6, 2010 0

Three of us meet regularly to discuss theology, wives, and personal goals (not always in this order). Looking into 2010, Mark decided he wanted to read 52 books in one year. Buddy followed. I, not wanting to be the intellectual runt of the group, took on the challenge solely out […]

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