Buddy’s #6 Grow: Reproducing through Organic Discipleship

Sometimes I feel as though modern books are larger than they need to be.  Authors will often fill them with fluff, filler and frivolous fiction.  Winfield Bevins can not be accused of this crime.  Rarely have I felt a book was too concise, though this may be one case in which that is true.

He begins by stating the problem with discipleship is that we have tried to automate and assembly line the process instead of letting it be organic and natural as it was intended.  His solutions are centering discipleship on the gospel, missional living of the church, planting new churches, and investing in men who will themselves be able to teach other men.  He also has a great challenge for men to be the leaders in their home and focused on discipling their families.

Over all a great read though I would have enjoyed some descriptions of what the process looks like in his context.

*** out of five.

By the way, as of Superbowl Sunday you can still download the book for free at http://www.plantboxx.com/winfield-bevins/e-book

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