Brad’s no. 5: Business Research Methods by Zikmund, Babin, Carr, & Griffin

And thus it begins…

When I was asked to participate in this blog, I had every intention to be perpetually behind by three, four, maybe twelve weeks.  This was before I embarked down my MBA path. Know look at me. I knew heading back to school would take up a good portion of my reading budget; little did I know what a drain it would be.  It’s not just the time factor, though that is a big consideration.  The main thing is the mental drain.  For instance, 600 pages of qualitative research tools, secondary data research in a digital age, sampling designs, F-Statistic manual calculations and — everyone’s favorite (including one J. Beiber if rumors are true) — ANOVA for complex experimental designs, tends to drain one’s mental capacity and drive to read.  So, all of this as a pitiful explanation to why I am not currently at my initial goal.  Though this does not explain why I have a back log of nine or ten books waiting to be reviewed.

Enough introduction, on to the book at hand.  I enjoyed it more than I expected.  Though specific to business, it also taught me a lot of general research principals that, oddly, have sunk into my brain despite a tendency to read a bit faster than my ability to fully comprehend.  I must add that the theme of beige, peach, orange and pink  soft-hues used to break up the monotony of black / white text and pictures was not very effective.  And that’s that.

SARS (Subject Appropriate Ratings Scale): 3 out of 5 (Jebow, Bancroft, Lutz, Makowitz, & Zuzubuji, 1996)


Jebow, Bancroft, Lutz, Makowitz, & Zuzubuji.  1996 Application of the statistical method in rating Business Research Methods for use in an inane blog post. Harcourt, Brace, Jovonovich. New              Brunswick, MA.


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