Ally’s #6: Basic of Biblical Greek by William D. Mounce (2ed)

Want to learn how to read the New Testament in its original language?  Good news (no pun intended)!  The seemingly impossible feat can be accomplished in six to twelve months with this incredibly thorough grammar and a good dose of discipline.

William Mounce breaks the book down into five parts, each of which contains related material and builds on previous knowledge.  In Part One, he introduces the alphabet, pronunciation, punctuation, and syllabification.  In Part Two, he dedicates ten chapters to the Greek noun system.  Part Three covers the indicative verb system, Part Four focuses on participles, and Part Five discusses non-indicative moods and unique verbs.  As an encouragement at the beginning of each chapter, Mounce includes an exegetical insight based on the new information about to digested.  And when it seems like you have vocabulary flashcards coming out your ears, it’s reassuring to see in each chapter summary the percentage of total words you know from the New Testament (NT).  By the end of the book, you know all 320 words that occur most frequently in the NT and 80% of all words appearing in the NT.

To accompany the textbook, a workbook bearing the same title is recommended.  The textbook comes with a CD filled with helpful goodies, like the workbook answer key, Greek fonts for your computer, and the like.  If you can’t for the life of you think of any good reason to study biblical Greek, consider this note from the author and his wife:

“It is my wish that a study of biblical Greek will help to produce in you the same qualities that have been exhibited in the lives of both of my parents [to whom the book was dedicated]: a love for the Lord and His Word; and informed ministry based on His Word; a sense of urgency to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those they meet.”

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