Ally’s #5: A Woman More Precious Than Jewels

“A Woman More Precious Than Jewels” is an 88-page Bible study course devoted to the topic of Biblical womanhood.  The author, Bonnie Trude, thoroughly defines the principle theme of submission in a way that dispelled some misunderstandings I had of the topic and helped develop in me a greater appreciation for submission as a gift from God.

The bulk of Trude’s material is geared toward married or soon-to-be married women, though she does include a very helpful chapter at the end for single women.  Trude also takes great care to address the wives of unbelieving husbands and offers godly wisdom that speaks to their particular challenges and situation.  I have had the pleasure of going through this study with a very wise woman who has 25+ years of marriage under her belt.  I would highly recommend that anyone interested in doing this study to do it with a friend, a small group of peers, or a mentor.  This study is jam-packed with Bible references to support the claims Trude makes in each chapter.  While the chapters are relatively short (about 4-6 pages each), pouring over the related references can easily take an hour or longer.  If you’re looking for a study on Biblical womanhood that is light on “fluff,” than this is it.  I don’t think Bonnie Trude even knows what “fluff” is–she’s like Beth Moore on crack–in a good way!  For the ladies looking to go above and beyond, she also has assignments at the end of each chapter that include scripture memorization, prayer, self-reflection, and additional reading.

This lesser known Bible study was copyrighted in 1975 and revised in 2002, but has not been widely published.  To obtain copies of this study, you can request them directly from the author (write to: Mrs. Terry Trude, 100 Broadway, Wrenshall, MN 55797, or call: 218-384-4506).

Sample quotes:

“God, in his mercy and love towards women, put them under the authority of their husbands so they might have leadership, provision and protection.  Are we grateful for this privilege?  Remember that your response to your husband in these three roles is a mirror of your reactions to God as he longs to lead, provide for and protect you!”

“Too often we use other women, our pastors, Bible teachers, etc., as our sources of spiritual insight, to the exclusion of our husbands.  God intends for a married couple to be driven to the Word together, inspiring one another to search out answers, principles, promises, etc., and allowing the husband to supply his wife with the spiritual headship she needs.”

“But for the grace of God, none of us would willingly and lovingly submit to any authority.  It requires the genuine humbleness and brokenness that God works in us if we are to be truly submissive to God or to human authority.  The flesh hates to humble itself–but this refusal cheats us and others out of the greatest of blessings.”

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  1. I was wanting to know where I could buy this book I tried the phone number that you had posted and it didnt work any advice and do you have the cover of the book?

  2. Hi Tori–

    Sorry the number didn’t work. The copy I have is currently packed away in a box, so I’m not able to access it to offer you any additional information. However, I did find a used copy available for sale on Amazon for $18.95. If you type in “Bonnie Trude,” the study title should pop up. The description is brief and says the copyright date is 1977. You may want to check with the seller in advance to make sure it includes the updates Trude added in the 1990s. Hope this helps!


  3. Hi Ally,
    My wife uses that book to give bible studies for women in Bandung, Indonesia for many, many years, and it is a blessing to them. Would be very grateful if you could give me Mrs. Trude’s email address, so that I can share my wife’s experience to her. Thanks, and God bless you.

  4. Sorry, Samuel, but no email address was included in the copy of the study that I have. I’m glad to hear it has made such an impact in Indonesia.

  5. Ally, Thanks for sharing about this Bible study Material by Mrs Trude. I used it years ago and benefitted greatly from it. I now live in Malaysia and would love to have a copy of the book. I tried calling Mrs Trude but couldn’t get thru. Can you pls help?

  6. I have searched the internet looking for this book recommended by a friend, and found a place where a PDF could supposedly be downloaded…but hit a dead end. Do you yet have any more contact information on this? We have the ability to self-publish a book like this if there is a way to connect with the author or representative. Thanks!

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