Ally’s #4: Radical by David Platt

Since the majority of the contributors on this blog have/will read and review(ed) this book, I’m going to instead discuss briefly the impact I’ve observed it making in our community. I’ll start with my own family.

Since we were dating, Jim and I have enjoyed reading books together. The ones we enjoy most are those that stir up meaningful discussion and cause us to think deeply about how various aspects of our lives may or may not be aligned with what God desires and intends for us.  Over the past two months, I’ve seen God use this book in our family to challenge a mode of thinking that is so deeply ingrained that we often times don’t realize the power it wields over us.  While I’ve read other books on having a Christian worldview, I appreciate Platt’s intentional focus on the American dream.  Platt’s clear, simple, and straightforward points have stimulated genuine contemplation and conversation about the chasm that lies between living the American dream and living biblically.

Among friends, I’ve heard stories of people reconsidering the reason and purpose for the accrued wealth sitting in their bank accounts.  Other friends are evaluating career and educational goals in a different light, questioning what will demonstrate obedience to God and reflect the love of Christ.  Some are even beginning to take steps toward the mission field as they’ve felt God gently nudging them in that direction.  People are making earnest commitments that will aid their spiritual growth and help them gain a proper perspective on what it means to live for Christ, and it’s awesome to witness and be a part of.

The upcoming Harbor theology retreat on establishing a Christian worldview could not be more timely or appropriate as Pastor Mark just closed his “Radical” sermon series with a message on going to the nations.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing how God uses it to shape and stretch our community.

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