July 2012

Ally’s #32: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

July 30, 2012 // 0 Comments

  A Sunday afternoon just isn’t a Sunday afternoon without a fun book to curl up with. A girlfriend brought this to me at church and assured me that if I loved the Narnia series, I would be delighted with L’Engle’s science-fiction/fantasy stories. I’m so grateful for friends who enjoy reading! This book started out commonly enough, with the author introducing us to the children and (temporarily) single parent of the Murray household. The family was known for its intelligence, but the eldest daughter (Margaret) and youngest boy (Charles Wallace) were thought to be apples fallen very far from the tree of genius possessed by both their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Murray are scientists…scientists of such caliber that Mr. Murray heads up Top Secret government missions exploring such scientific theory as time-bending. One such mission has kept him away from home for more than a year without so much as a letter to comfort his family in his absence. Even still, the family hopes beyond hope, and little Charles, Margaret, and a new friend, Calvin, have the opportunity to aid in Mr. Murray’s rescue. Guided by the mysterious instruction of Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which (former stars and […]

Mark’s #24 – A Mind For God by James Emery White (2006)

July 24, 2012 // 0 Comments

In August, we’ll be discussing this book during our monthly Apologia discussion group at The Harbor.  In preparation, I read this short book ahead of time, and was greatly encouraged in doing so.  A couple of years ago, Ron read and reviewed this book on this website (his review is better and more in-depth) Like other books we’ve read and discussed for Apologia, this book raises an alarm at the lack of critical thinking in our culture in general and in the church specifically.  The author puts forth a short, but effective treatise for the Christian to recapture the life of the mind and live out a Christian worldview for the glory of God.  In addition, he encourages believers to engage their minds as they engage the culture at large in meaningful ways as Christians point the culture to Christ the King.  To do this, we are encouraged to enter the great conversation of the ages through consistent and critical reading.  He challenges the reader to be intentional about what they read and when they read. If you’re in Okinawa, we have some copies available at The Harbor ($10) if you would like to join us for our discussion of […]

Drew’s #13 — Stolen Souls by Stuart Neville

July 22, 2012 // 0 Comments

Stolen Souls is the third installment following GoB and focuses entierely on Jack Lennon.  The style is the same and GoB and it’s sequal, Collusion, and many of the same charicters reappear or are mentioned.  However, while you had to read GoB to understand the sequal, S. Souls can be read independantly, but there will be references to the 1st two throughout that won’t sink in if this is where you jump into the series.  But beware, if the 1st two were violent and dark, this one is… let’s say a little more disturbing.   The 3rd installment finds Jack Lennon (from the 2nd book) trying to ballance his dangerous job with raising his daughter.  Meanwhile, when a Lithuanian sex-trafficer is killed by a kidnapped girl in her escape, his “ill-tempered” brother vows to stop at nothing to find her.  But, while fleeing her persuers the girl winds up in the hands of a very disturbed serial killer.  In between all this, Jack must find the girl and rescue her before her original captors due AND work to keep his own daughter safe in the ballance.   The third installment runs off some of the same themes of corruption and […]

Drew’s #12 — Collusion by Stuart Neville

July 22, 2012 // 0 Comments

  In the sequal to The Ghosts of Belfast (GoB), Stuart Neville brings in as a main charachter a man only mentioned in the 1st book–Jack Lennon, a Belfast cop and father of the little girl featured in GoB.  This time Jerry Fagan, former IRA hitman must come out of hiding and team up with Lennon to protect Jack’s daughter and her mother from the fall-out left behind from Fagen’s actions in GoB.  Most notably, the wrath of a big mab boss seeking revenge.  The story introduces Jack Lennon and several others and shows us, very, um, vividly how the author deals with loose ends.  There really are no 1 time characters in this series and if they don’t get theirs in whichever book in the series your on, just wait.   Now, this books unfolds with the writers same style and flair for detail and mystery, but (as I said in the GoB reivew) it is not the same story.  Here the author really shows the desperate, almost helpless situation, created when mob influence becomes “just the way it is”.  And do note, it is a more violent story in many ways.   You can stop at GoB but note, if you […]

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